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What is #ValleyGivesDay?

Valley Gives is a 24-hour giving day that helps nonprofits throughout the Pioneer Valley raise needed funds to support their missions. Valley Gives 2017 will occur on May 2, 2017.

The goal for Valley Gives 2017 is to reach more people across the 70 communities of the Pioneer Valley — the more people who participate and donate, the more nonprofits that benefit.

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We need your help

We have limited time to meet our goal, we need your help to reach as many Caring Hearts as possible and encourage them to join the effort and remember Caring Health Center on May 2, 2017.

Our impact
Data from 2016

over 20,000

patients treated

9,427 patients require

translation services

over 250 healthcare

workers supported

98% of Refugees continue care

3 medical facilities

1 of the largest Refugee
 assessment sites in Western MA

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Our Story

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to flee your home and start life over in a new country? What challenges do survivors face as they navigate our systems to rebuild their lives?

Across the Pioneer Valley, men, women, and children face barriers when seeking health services. Here in Springfield, obstacles such as transportation, language, cultural differences, and navigating a complex health care system may prevent some members of our community from accessing essential services. So when it comes to serving our refugee patients, most of whom have survived trauma in one way or another, helping them get access to health care is a priority for our Center.


Caring Health Center, Inc (CHC) is a federally qualified community health center private in Springfield, MA serving over 20,000 patients per year and is the largest refugee health assessment site in Western Massachusetts. We serve a global population including immigrants and refugees from African, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, and Eastern European countries. In fact, a total of 9,427 patients seen in 2016 were best served in a language other than English.

Cultural and language barriers, fear, and discrimination continue to marginalize our refugee and immigrant neighbors.

Together, we can take

action that ensures

immigrants and refugees

feel welcome and safe in

our neighborhoods.

Caring Health Center was

created by the community,

for the community.

Unfortunately, the changing

political and economic

climate has made it harder

and harder for Caring Health

Center to sustain Refugee

programming. If equipped with adequate resources, CHC would be able to reach more people.

Your donation will help CHC deliver quality, culturally competent care to all of our neighbors regardless of insurance, ability to pay, language and cultural barriers.

Health is the heart of our community.
Together, our beat is strong!

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Noor Naji
Health Connector Navigator, CHC

“ I enjoy working with the refugee population. I make sure that we provide the best services as per the Refugee Health Assessment Program (RHAP) protocol.”

- Hari Khanal
Assistant Refugee Health Coordinator
 & Nepali Interpreter

“It takes a very committed team to deliver high quality, compassionate care. Every day, I feel privileged to be a part of it.”

- Siobhan McNally, MD, MPH, FAAP
   Primary Care Pediatrician
   & Director of Pediatric Refugee Program

“I stand with refugees.
I work to ensure that

immigrants and those

who are undocumented,

receive quality health

care services.”

- Alaa Albaghadadi
Arabic Interpreter

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Home      About Us

About Us Home

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“What I love about my job is that it puts me in contact with refugees
and immigrants, and I get to support their healing.”

- Zainab S. Abdi, MSW, LICSW
  Behavior Health Supervising Clinician