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Our mission is to work within the community to promote health, to care for the ill, to comfort the sick and to bring the highest level of health care for those who have socio-economic, language and cultural barriers. We want all of our patients to have a health smile! To meet the needs of our patients, our services include: Emergencies We recognize that dental emergencies do arise. On any day that a dentist is on duty, we will provide an evaluation to any patient that presents to the clinic with pain to make a determination of whether the condition is an emergency or if a scheduled appointment is in order. Comprehensive Examinations and x-rays Our new patients receive a complete examination on their first visit and our providers discuss treatment options based on our patient’s needs. Preventative Services Our team believes that good oral health should have routine dental checkups as its primary focus. These services include an examination, radiographs when indicated, dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and fluoride and sealants applications when indicated. Restorative Services The treatment of cavities involve the removal of the tooth decay and the placement of a silver or a white filling. Crowns Full coverage restorations are sometimes indicated to preserve a tooth with severe cavity, achieving esthetics and durability. Periodontal Treatment Did you know that “gum disease” is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults? Daily brushing and flossing combined with regular checkups will help prevent periodontal disease. We also provide professional deep cleanings for treatment of active periodontal disease when indicated. Complete and Partial Dentures Missing teeth can affect the efficiency of chewing of foods to keep a healthy nutrition. We are able to help you restore the proper function of your mouth and also give you a beautiful smile! Root Canal Treatment This procedure can save teeth with severe decay and sometimes pain and infection from extractions. Consult our providers to determine what the best option of treatment for you is. Oral Surgery We are able to perform simple and surgical extractions when indicated. We also can perform Oral Biopsies when indicated as part of our oral cancer screening. When dental services outside our scope of expertise are required, we will provide appropriate referrals to our patients.
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We have a passion for creating smiles every day!
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