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Caring Health Center Dental Program has been created to provide you with excellent dental care. We are committed to making our patients as comfortable as possible!


Although the Dental Clinic operates on an appointment basis, we recognize the fact that emergencies do arise. On any day a dentist is on duty, we will provide a brief evaluation to any patient that presents to the clinic in pain to make a determination of whether the patient's condition constitutes an emergency or if a scheduled appointment is in order. Dental hours and locations.


Preventive Services

It is the belief of our dental team that any good oral health program should have routine dental check-ups as its primary focus. These services include thorough examinations, professional cleanings, fluoride applications and the placement of sealants where indicated.


Basic Restorative Services

The restoration or "filling" of a cavity involves the removal of the tooth decay, followed by the placement of a silver or tooth colored filling.


Periodontal Treatment

Daily brushing and flossing combined with regular dental check-ups will help avoid periodontal disease, more commonly known as "gum disease". Did you know that gum disease is the number 1 cause of tooth loss in adults?


Prosthodontics Dentures

By providing this service we are able to help you restore your mouth to proper function.

Endodontic Treatment

Root canal therapy is necessary sometimes to save a tooth that has severe decay or that has suffered from a traumatic injury.


Oral Surgery

The clinic is capable of performing simple extractions with the use of local anesthesia. We also perform surgical extractions along with impactions.


Emergency Walk-Ins

Patients needing dental services must provide a picture ID and valid MassHealth card. The clinic recognizes that emergencies do arise. On any day an evaluation will be given to a patient in pain to decide if the condition is a true emergency or if an appointment is necessary.


When you agree to be seen as an emergency, please know that:


•  Emergencies are seen based on urgency NOT on order of arrival.

•  Scheduled patients will be seen ahead of walk-in emergencies.

•  The dentist will only focus on your  emergency  and not treat other needs.

•  Scheduled appointments will be made for routine and/or preventive treatment or to discuss forms that you want to have filled out.


You may experience a wait to be seen and there is no guarantee that any procedure (extraction, filling, etc.) will be performed at this emergency evaluation.


A Parent/guardian must accompany children under the age of 18 to all appointments.


If a parent/guardian is unable to attend child’s 1st appointment, we will mail registration forms to be filled out and signed by the parent.


If someone other than a parent/guardian is going to accompany the patient who is under the age of 18, to any appointment, we will need written permission from the parent/guardian which authorizes the person who is bringing the patient to make treatment decisions. This person will be required to present CHC with a picture ID. We also provide permission forms to be filled out and signed by the parent/guardian.


The Dental Clinic does not provide general anesthesia for any of the above services.

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We have a passion for putting patients first.
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