Family Planning Services
Our Family Planning Team can offer you sexual and reproductive health care options for you and your family.
Caring Health Center’s team of specially-trained Providers, Nurses, and Community Health Workers offer a full range of sexual and reproductive health services in an inclusive, supportive environment. Services include: Birth Control and Contraceptive Counseling (Including IUD, 
Implant, Injection, Pill, Patch, and Ring Methods) Emergency Contraception Pregnancy Testing and Options Counseling Pre-Conception and Fertility Counseling Complete Gynecological and Breast Exams Cervical Cancer Screening and Follow-Up HPV Vaccinations STD Counseling, Testing, and Treatment HIV Counseling, Testing, Treatment, and Prevention (PrEP) Education on Sexual Communication, Healthy Relationships, and Reproductive Anatomy Your confidentiality is important to us. Patients of any age can receive sexual and reproductive health care confidentially and without parental or spousal consent. We serve anyone in need of sexual and reproductive health care, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, language, race, income, or age. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call (413) 739-1100 and ask for a Family Planning Nurse today!
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“For many patients, a family planning clinic is their first entry point into the health care system and has great impact on the health of them and their children. Our clinicians are dedicated to achieving health equity by providing client-centered, affordable, non-judgmental, and comprehensive reproductive health care to all patients.” says Cassidy Hayes, Manager of Outreach & Enrollment
We have a passion for putting patients first.
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For after hours service, please call:
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