Frank Kostek

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Frank J. Kostek is the Vice President of Finance/CFO who manages the finances for Caring Health Center, Inc. Frank has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts. Frank has been the CFO at the health center for 7 years. He has worked at numerous area nonprofit agencies over his 40 year career in Finance. Frank has worked through some very interesting situations. He has built a financial department from scratch when a fire completely destroyed the administrative office. Frank has worked through the Tornado that struck and destroyed the Main Clinic at Caring health in 2011. Frank has twice taken on the roll of Acting CEO for 6 months to help agencies continue to operate while trying to fill their top positions. Frank has helped agencies with mergers, expansions, building projects, and near bankruptcy. Each time the nonprofit agencies came out financially stronger than before.


Frank has high morale standards and is very dedicated to the work he does. Frank finds working for nonprofits to be very rewarding. Although he does not deliver direct care to clients or patients, Frank feels he is contributing to patient care, by helping make each nonprofit he has worked at stronger financially so they can continue to care for some of the most needy populations in Western Mass. Frank believes that if you have a job to do, you should do it to the best of your ability and if you can help improve the life of someone less fortunate why doing that, even better.



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