Lorna Isaac

Clinical Site Manager

Lorna Isaac joined Caring Health Center in 2013 and currently serves in the role of Clinical Site Manager.  Prior to CHC Lorna spent twenty years in acute hospital and Long Term care and three years of rehabilitation experience.  Starting in 2007 she worked as an Adjunct faculty at Holyoke LPN student and  Nursing student for associate and baccalaureate prepared nursing student at Springfield Technical Community College and American International College.


From 2009-2014 she was a nurse coordinator educator with Scan 360 Family Center, in Springfield, MA.  Lorna worked individually, and in small group settings, teaching the importance of developing and maintaining healthy life styles throughout pregnancy.  Her programing empowered women to take control of their bodies, their pregnancies and their families.  The program assisted in connecting mothers to be to medical care, and other supports and services for families.  The goal is to positively influence birth outcomes, and increases the chance of delivering healthy full-term babies.  Lorna, also worked with fathers, children, and other family members providing educational support component.


Lorna received her Baccalaureate and Master’s of Science Nursing from American International College.  Lorna currently sits on Springfield Technical Community College Medical Assistant Advisory Board.




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