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Community Impact

According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), losses to America’s hospitals and health systems averaged about $50.7 billion per month in 2020. This was due in part to increased costs of PPE, financial support given to workers, and cancelled or forgone patient services caused by COVID-19.

At Caring Health Center, the situation mirrored the financial effects felt all over the nation. Simply put, many patients chose to forego provider visits, health screenings, testing and even in some cases essential medical visits for fear of contracting COVID-19 in a healthcare setting. Dr. Jonathan Moseley, CHC Chief Medical Officer states “Our increasing fear as providers is that delay of care is as serious or, in some cases, more dangerous than the risks of COVID-19.”

Jonathan A. Moseley, MD

Dr. Moseley referred specifically to care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, lung disease, kidney disease and illnesses that need consistent monitoring. He also worried about cancers or issues that are found through preventive care such as mammograms, colonoscopies, wellness exams, and other screening measures that can help diagnose disease early.

Dr. Moseley emphasized that, “we’re here to provide care for patients, and their safety and good health are our priority.” To address these obstacles to good health in our community, CHC has embarked upon an enhanced Telehealth program and a multi-platform communications approach to reengage lapsed patients in need of services.



Our Impact

Caring Health Center delivers comprehensive evidence-based healthcare to the Greater Springfield community that intrinsically benefits others and positively impacts change.

primary health care

20,501 lives impacted through the delivery of primary health care, dental, behavioral health, and substance use services.

Nearly 3,400 patients were seen across 4,336 visits for reproductive health, family planning, and gynecology services— including in-person, telehealth, and curbside services throughout the pandemic.

Enrollment Navigators

Our Enrollment Navigators provided over 4,965 individual assists to keep Western Mass. residents enrolled in health coverage throughout the pandemic, including 3,302 enrollments into health plans and SNAP benefits.

HIV services

112 individuals received HIV education and intervention services.


47 translation and interpreting services provided to ensure quality healthcare - free from language barriers.

Covid 19

2,682 COVID-19 tests administered to keep patients and the community safe.

59 Lives impacted by Narcan®

1,223 individuals with substance disorders received treatment.


726 Refugees received health assessments and holistic care.

Conducted 30,413 virtual medical behavioral health visits.

7,012 virtual and 2,731 clinical behavioral health visits.